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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.14.13] scifi thriller drama

Our first look at Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is here with an intriguing teaser trailer that sets the stage for an introspective tale of human ambition set against the backdrop of space and time travel.

Nolan's first film to follow the immensely popular Batman trilogy comes with a lot of baggage and anticipation, but based on this first tease, I think it's safe to say whatever Interstellar is all about it'll be something we've not quite seen before.

The film open November 2014... so there's a bit of a wait.

All for now, folks!

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projectcyclops (8 years ago) Reply

I wonder if the entire film will be made up of incredibly pompous speeches, punctuated by CG action set-pieces and then more and more boring speeches with vague references to destiny/honour/righteousness etc, and will last three hours and make a billion dollars?

At this early stage I'm willing to bet it probably will.


Tensen01 (8 years ago) Reply

If you know anything about Nolan, you would know he prefers practical effects... That Hallway/Water-Flooding/Most of the rest of Inception? Practical. 90% of the Batman effects? Practical. And if you think that this speech is even going to be in the movie you have a lot to learn about Movie Trailers.


projectcyclops (8 years ago) Reply

I've seen all of Christopher Nolan's work, and I'm aware that he prefers to use practical effects in his action films, but for a modern sci-fi film set in space let's assume there'll be a hefty amount of CG (unless he goes down the Douglas Trumbull route).

My point wasn't so much about the effects, but rather how overbearingly self-important this film already looks. The problem I have with these gritty 'uber-blockbusters' is that they are rarely as intelligent as they make out to be (I would include Inception in that) and wind up stuffed full of trite dialogue whispered by bored looking actors, designed to cause cineplex audiences and mainstream critics to gush endlessly about how brilliant the director is.

I do think Nolan is a repeat offender here, and this film smacks of the vapidity and humourless condescension of Prometheus/Man of Steel/Dark Knight etc. God knows I'll end up seeing this at some point, but it just looks like more of the same from a film-maker who always feels like a better accountant than an artist.


FreeRangeZombie (8 years ago) Reply


Anyways, the teaser trailer certainly has me interested, which is the point of a teaser. A very "let's go do this" type of attitude.


jesusolmo (8 years ago) Reply

my god, this trailer looks like a presidential campaign commercial...


agentorange (8 years ago) Reply

Haha. Nailed it.


Koolz (8 years ago) Reply

trailer shows that the film isn't even close to being done. It's just some intro probably doesn't even have much to do with the film except the beginning or flash back. It was boring.


Mathmos (8 years ago) Reply

Imagine the same trailer in Mandarin with Chinese TV footage and an all-Chinese cast. Somehow propaganda rolls better with an American accent.

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