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The first trailer for Paul WS Anderson's Pompeii was, indeed, disaster porn and the second trailer is just as full of ash, water and lava as the first though this time, in a slightly more sombre tone.

The rock music has been swapped out for grandiose instrumentals and the new trailer offers up a lot more destruction but also more of Kit Harington and
Emily Browning making ogle eyes at each other and coming together for a passionless kiss amidst the falling ash; essentially, it's just more of the goofiness we've come to expect from these ridiculous blockbusters.

There's apparently a story here about a slave (Harrington) who escapes to return home and rescue the woman he loves (Browning) and his best friend, a gladiator trapped inside of the city's coliseum but really, it's just an excuse for the real prize: the glossy effects.

I wonder if they survive? We'll find out when Pompeii opens February 21, 2014.

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