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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.07.14] comedy comic arthouse

In an alternate reality where Louis C.K.'s art-house directorial debut, Tomorrow Night, found success after premiering at the Sundance Film Fesitval, the now uber-famous stand-up comedian may have gone down an entirely different career path - one of weird, auteur indie director.

Just watch this INSANE trailer for the yet unreleased film and you'll see what I mean. It's like David Lynch meets early Todd Solonz or something. I mean, it is truly bizarre in a way that you would not expect, even from the creator or Louis or the director of Pootie-tang.

Even though the film stars the now famous Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, JB Smoove and Wanda Sykes, it was never picked up for distro.

But don't worry! Louis C.K. will make the film available on his website for 5 bucks in Feb, similarly to how he distributed his last stand-up special.

Here's the Trailer.

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