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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.12.14] scifi thriller

We've already seen one trailer for Wally Pfister's sci-fi thriller Transcendence starring Johnny Depp as a brilliant scientists who becomes a Skynet-like intelligence who begins to take over the world. A new trailer has just emerged for the movie which opens in a few months and this one recycles some of the footage from the first while also offering up a new angle of story and one that comes as a surprise – mostly because it sets the movie as an unofficial set-up to The Terminator or as someone else noted, The Lawnmower Man.

You see, it seems that in Pfister's movie, written by first timer Jack Paglen, does not only include Depp's Will becoming an evil AI, it also includes Will building ab army of soldiers to fight the good fight, or at least what AI-Will believes to be the good fight.

The visuals certainly look nice and I love the supporting cast which includes Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany, Cole Hauser and Clifton Collins Jr. but I must admit I can't seem to get as ridiculously excited for this one as everyone else seems to be.

Transcendence opens April 18.

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Tom (8 years ago) Reply

Isn't this really just THE FORBIN PROJECT 40 years later?

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