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Marina Antunes [Bunker Blueprint 04.02.14] China scifi dystopic

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been called everything from the most dangerous man in China to one of the most powerful artists working today and though he's been under heavy surveillance by the Chinese government for years, he's continued to create and his latest project, a dystopian sci-fi short, is of particular interest to us lovers of the post-apocalypse.

Written and directed by Jason Wishnow, the man behind the "TED Talks," and featuring the talents of cinematographer Christopher Doyle (the genius cinematographer responsible for a number of Wong Kar-wai and Gus Van Sant films), The Sand Storm stars Weiwei as a smuggler working in a world without water.

There aren't many more details on the project other than to note that the short will be 10 minutes long and that they're hoping it will do well enough that it can be turned into a full length feature (how that will work considering Weiwei's constraints is yet to be seen) and from the tidbits currently floating around, namely a few images and a snippet of video at the beginning of their Kickstartr campaign video, this is certainly looking promising.

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