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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.07.14] horror

The story of a teenage boy who sees the ghost of a fellow classmate doesn't exactly inspire excitement but the fact that said story is directed by Carter Smith, a relative newcomer who managed to take the ridiculous premise of killer plants and managed to deliver an impressive horror movie in The Ruins, definitely gets my attention.

Six years after the release of The Ruins, Smith returns this year with Jamie Marks Is Dead. Adapted by Smith from Christopher Barzak's acclaimed coming-of-age novel "One for Sorrow," it's the story of Jamie Marks (Noah Silver), a quiet, shy boy who turns up dead. Adam (Cameron Monaghan) and Gracie (Morgan Saylor) both see Jamie's ghost but whereas Gracie wants nothing to do with it, Adam finds himself drawn to the ghost and slowly beings to inhabit a world somewhere between that of the living and the dead.

It doesn't exactly sound like groundbreaking stuff but I'm really curious to see what, if anything new Jamie Marks is Dead brings to the ghost story not to mention that the idea of a coming-of-age tale intertwined with a ghost story is oddly appealing. I also love the look of this trailer which is overbearingly dark and ominous. I don't expect this is going to end well for anyone.

Via Bloody Disgusting

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