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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.21.14] Canada thriller drama

One of the movies that really surprised me in both scope and performance at last year's VIFF was writer/director Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais's Whitewash (review). The thriller begins as the story of a lonely man named Bruce (Thomas Haden Church) who saves and befriends a down on his luck guy named Paul (the excellent Marc Labrèche), but what begins as the tale of two lonely men who find solace in each other's company takes a surprising turn when it becomes a full out survival tale once Bruce goes hiding in the nearby woods.

On paper this sounds like it shouldn't really work but Whitewash is successful in part because of the depth and talent of Hoss-Desmarais's script and direction but mostly because of Haden Church who gives a knock out performance in the central role. The second half of Whitewash is all about the mental stress of the situation and Haden Church walks a fine line between a lonely guy who is just holding on to his sanity by an inch and a man who has lost his mind completely. It's humorous, sad and exciting all rolled into one and definitely a movie not to be missed.

Whitewash will be available across all VOD platforms on May 2.

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