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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.21.14] Canada scifi drama

Canadian director Richie Mehta is better know for hard hitting dramas than science fiction but every once in a while, one needs a change of pace and from the looks of it, 2013 was the year of change for Mehta.

I'll Follow You Down stars Haley Joel Osment as Erol, a young scientist whose father mysteriously disappeared years ago leaving the Erol alone with his mother (Gillian Anderson). Now grown up, Erol discovers that his father was working on a project that has something to do with wormholes and time travel. At least that appears to be what's going on here; even after a second viewing of the trailer I don't gave a clear grasp of what's going on.

That said, I like the time travel concept and I love this cast which also includes Victor Garber and Rufus Sewell. It helps that I've liked Mehta's prevoius movies and I expect that I'll Follow You Down has more to do with the great personal story than any actual time travel.

I'll Follow You Down will be available on VOD and will have a theatrical run on June 6.

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