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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.13.14] horror

What is going on with Troma these days? Seriously? The upstart straight-to-video production company that used to be beacon of DYI hope for young filmmakers has become completely bankrupt in the creativity department lately. The best thing Troma has done in a long time is Father's Day, and they went and shit all over the Astron Six guys in the process. Otherwise, they are producing films like their latest, Mutant Blast, which, based on this "leaked" footage looks like pretty much the worst thing ever. This may seem like a weird thing to ask, but shouldn't we demand more from Troma?

From their release:
Greetings from Tromaville! In breaking news we have Exclusive Leaked Pre-Production Test Footage of the giant rat monster in "Mutant Blast"- the new film produced by Troma Entertainment and directed by Fernando Alle ("Banana Motherfucker") which will be filming this Summer in Portugal. This behind the scenes clip will be Premiering at the Cannes Film Festival and the film is available for Pre-Sales! But you can see it here right now!

Huh? Does anyone want to watch that?

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Digger (8 years ago) Reply

I haven't seen a Troma flick since the original Toxic Avenger. Had no idea they were still around. And this film looks like shit


Harriet Tubman (8 years ago) Reply

Bannana Mother Fucker is a hilarious film by Fernando Alle.MUTANT BLAST will be better!!He is a great director.BTW,I believe that this clip is only a TEST.MoMA just show Troma's latest,RETURN NUKE'EM HIGH Vol 1.So how bad can they be?


SpaghettiFace (8 years ago) Reply

It says TEST footage right in the Press Release, Dingus! And that Rat has fantastic nipples!


superspaniard (8 years ago) Reply

The movie is still in production, makes sense that the footage looks a bit rough. I bet the final result will be awesome. This bit already looks like TONS OF FUN! I watched the director's (Fernando Alle) short film Banana Motherfucker and loved it. Can't wait to see what he' does next!


JoSPinell (8 years ago) Reply

Astron-6 was Troma's last shot at quality.

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