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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.03.14] action fantasy adventure

The first trailer for the Dwayne Johnson action vehicle Hercules was pretty badass and though this new trailer for the Brett Ratner directed summer movie is a bit heavier on story, it still brings some pretty epic battle action and that is most definitely a welcome sight.

Johnson stars as the titular mythical hero, the son of gods, who avenges the murder of his family by leading the charge against an immortal army raised by some other angry gods. It's pretty much The Rock kicking ass for the movie's running time and really, that's all we need.

My only hope is that the CG is a little more polished in the final movie than it looks here. The creatures in particular look cheap but who am I kidding, Johnson should have no problem elevating this into enjoyable schlock. It's not like this is The Scorpion King or anything…

Hercules opens July 25.

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