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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.29.14] Spain horror

There's little doubt when you see the name Álex de la Iglesia, that you're in for something unusual so it's no surprise that Shrew's Nest, which is presented by de la Iglesia, looks like a twisted bit of horror.

Macarena Gómez and Nadia De Santiago star as shut-in sisters, one of whom despises the other. When the upstairs neighbour falls down the stairs and drags himself to the sisters' door, he's brought into the sisters' sanctum though from the looks of it, he would have been better off leaving himself on the stairwell to be found by a passerby. These sisters aren't planning on letting him go any time soon and judging from the trailer, Shrew's Nest devolves into a mix of Misery and Boxing Helena with Carlos in a pickle he's unlikely to emerge from unscathed.

It's a bit overly dramatic with the music and the editing but the Shrew's Nest trailer is effective and provides some flashes at brutality to come.

Shrew's Nest will have its world premiere at TIFF.

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