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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.26.14] horror

The prospect of The Pyramid doesn't sound so good when you read it. Produced by Alexandre Aja and directed by first timer Grégory Levasseur, it's the story of a group of archaeologists who uncover a new pyramid that is home to an ancient human hunting entity.

I'm actually rather surprised its taken this long someone to make this movie, it seems like such a natural fit for a monster movie, but the prospect of another found footage endeavour didn't much appeal to me and sadly, that's exactly what this sounds like. But curious about the fact that this stars Denis O'Hare and Ashley Hinshaw, both of whom have had memorable turns on "True Blood," I gave the trailer a go only to find that this doesn't look like a total write off and that this rip-off of The Descent could actually be a bit of fun.

The Pyramid opens December 5.

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