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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.01.14] scifi horror

I never really thought I'd get excited for an alien abduction movie, especially one that looks somewhere between War of the Worlds and Fire in the Sky but good god Extraterrestrial looks amazing.

I'm not even exaggerating. The first trailer for The Vicious Brothers (previously of Grave Encounters (review)) penned and directed alien horror is spectacular to behold, even if the trailer uses that annoying as hell horn sound. It's bloody, terrifying and at times completely disorienting.

Extraterrestrial will make its debut at the first ever Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival which runs August 21 to 24 and coincides with Wizard World Chicago. After that, the movie will be available on VOD October 17 and opens theatrically November 21.

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TarsusKhan (8 years ago) Reply

I'm amazed they made such a good looking film with such a remedial screenplay. This can't be the actual dialog and exposition.


JERICA-7 (8 years ago) Reply

I want this, amazing,

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