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Marina Antunes [DVD News 09.09.14] France scifi romance documentary war

Director Chris Marker, best known to the general public for the spectacular short film La Jetée (a film that has inspired a wide range of films and filmmakers, most notably Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys), is currently at the center of a mini resurgence. His 1997 film Level Five was recently restored and has been making the Cinematheque rounds over the last year, culminating in an upcoming home video release care of the fine folks at Icarus Films.

The movie is a stand out of Marker's, easily on par with La Jetée, it's the story of a woman who, while working on a WWII video game, is also mourning the loss of her lover. It sounds innocuous enough but as is often the case with Marker's movies, there's a whole lot more going on not to mention that the retro-futuristic look of his projects manage to age very well. It's definitely worth a look.

Level Five will be available on DVD and VOD on October 7.

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robin (8 years ago) Reply

How is this restored version any different from the existing DVD? I have seen "Level 5" on film, so I have that as a basis for comparison.

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