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I haven't been kind on SyFy's upcoming "12 Monkeys" TV show. I fully admit part of the hesitancy is the fact that this looks like a long play on a pretty great movie but having recently seen the possibilities of how well a TV show based on a good movie can turn out (I'm speaking specifically of the terrific "Fargo"), I admit to having softened a little on the upcoming show, particularly after seeing this trailer.

The show stars Amanda Schull and Aaron Stanford as Kathryn and Cole respectively and as much as SyFy keeps calling this a "complete re-imagining," this trailer, even more so than the previous, is riffing heavily on the movie. Not necessarily a bad thing but I hope they give themselves enough room for exploring the concept and the universe(s) they're building.

"12 Monkeys" premieres in a dreaded Friday time slot on January 16, 2015.

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robin (7 years ago) Reply

Looks utterly crap. Even in the trailer some of the line delivery is poor and the look doesn't come close to Gilliam. Oh well, it's only TV.


Winbob (7 years ago) Reply

still looks terrible to me. Syfy is low quality TV.

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