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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.26.14] Poland scifi

On Friday afternoon, as part of BFI's celebration of science fiction "SciFi: Days of Fear and Wonder," Platige Image premiered the newest short from Oscar nominated director Tomek Bagiński (Fallen Art, The Cathedral, The Kinematograph).

Created in collaboration with the European Space Agency in celebration of the Rosetta spacecraft which successfully orbited a comet for the first time this past August, Ambition stars Aidan Gillen ("Game of Thrones") as a teacher and Aisling Franciosi ("The Fall") as an apprentice in a scifi story about humans who are mastering nano technology on an alien planet. But it's not all imagination as there's real science at play here, particularly the idea that water is required to create worlds and that water can be taken from comets.

Shot on location in Iceland, the short isn't only based in real science, it's an eye popping bit of vfx mastery. In addition to it's big screen world premiere in London, the short had it's North American premiere on Saturday at Vancouver's SPARK Animation festival. But no worries, you don't have to leave your home to check it out since Ambition is now online for your viewing pleasure (though if you get the chance, see it on the big screen - it looks spectacular).

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RoyB (6 years ago) Reply

Really cool short. But is the ESA trying to tell us that "catching a comet" leads humans to destroying the earth? Possibly with a comet.


donc48 (6 years ago) Reply

I love the shorts you guys have on here. BTW RoyB the comet was to bring water to the new world.


Frodo (6 years ago) Reply

Shorts like this should be shown at the cinema instead of the brainwashing art to make the viewer associate feelings with products, so when the product is next seen, the feeling is invoked. NLP calls it 'anchoring' and it's offensive for me to have to sit through them however ingenious they seem.

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