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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 10.19.14] USA zombies horror drama

For those who stopped watching The Walking Dead after it turned into a soap opera in season 2, rejoice because we finally have a real alternative in Syfy's Z NATION. Not only does it have some great writing, it also has all the gore us hardcore fans love and the balls to kill off major characters mid season. I hate TV but I've been watching this steadily since it's premier and Quiet Earth highly recommends it.

Z Nation is made by The Asylum, the company famous for making cheap ripoffs of upcoming major films and getting them out on DVD before the major one sees a theatrical release. They're also behind the Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus style films and the even more ridiculous Sharknado. (Don't worry, there's a whole ZNADO episode of Z Nation, and yes, it's awesome.)

Considering their history, I was really surprised with how well Z Nation turned out. They've killed zombies in some of the most creative ways I've ever seen - they even used the Liberty Bell.

While the production values are lower and the acting is sometimes laughable, this show is exactly what I want out of zombies. A true panorama of a post apocalyptic world and lots of death and gore.. with a little comedy mixed in especially from the best character on the show, the Doc.

And now for the liberty bell clip.. it's in the last 30 seconds. Enjoy.

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fendell (7 years ago) Reply

But it is so badly made and acted.


Captharlock99 (7 years ago) Reply

But that's what makes it so fun to watch.


chuck (7 years ago) Reply

I was skeptical, but this is an awesome show. I also love D.J. Qualls. He makes the show.


Brian (7 years ago) Reply

You've got to be kidding. I love cheesy zombie stuff, too, but comparing this to Walking Dead is like comparing Batman & Robin to The Dark Knight.


Username (7 years ago) Reply

"I hate TV"
Are you still in the 90's or something?


Hussman (7 years ago) Reply

Yeah, this show has a certain appeal, but not in the same way that WD has appeal.


anansi (7 years ago) Reply

So how much were you paid for this commercial?


Digger (7 years ago) Reply

I agree with the comment about the Season 2 of WD being a soap opera. I so loved the 1st season and eagerly awaited the second. Shut it off midway through that season and never looked back. This promises to be something less "soap opera-y" anyway. Here's hoping


Cletus (7 years ago) Reply

If ZN is viewed as a parody of the WD, then it's very good.


Lenny (7 years ago) Reply

Tried and l idn't make it thru 10 minutes of this drivel. WD is good quality TV with tons of great effects. It's just following the comic in terms of drama, that's what all those who read the book beforehand knew it would/should be. ZN is as bad or worse than Sharknado...Just no.


Thomas Riccardi (7 years ago) Reply

You DO know it's made by Asylum right? Do I watch this show? Sure. But comparing this to TWD is like comparing Apples to a pile of rancid dogshit.


donc48 (7 years ago) Reply

The WD had it's isues during season two. Too be honest I'm getting rather burn out on the Zombie thing. Can't somebody come out with some a little orginal?

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