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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.06.14] post apocalyptic action

In the world of concept design and world building, David Levy is kind of a big deal having worked on everything from Tron: Legacy to Prometheus but since 2011, the artist has also been working on a little side project: a live action short film titled PLUG.

It's been all quiet on the project for a number of years until recently when the full 16 minute short appeared online and as was obvious from our previous coverage, it certainly delivers on the promise of post apocalyptic cyberpunk action.

Natalie Floyd stars as Leila, the last human on the planet, inadvertently left behind when humanity left Earth on mass. Raised by the robots left behind to clean up the nuclear mess left by the humans, Leila has been raised by them. And then one regular day her entire world comes crumbling down when she discovers that she hasn't been told the truth about humanity's escape from Earth.

Though the acting is a bit stilted, the opening few minutes of PLUG are particularly impressive, as is the concept of both the universe and this story which I hope, is only a taste of a larger story to be told. Nearly as impressive as the short is the making of which we're including below.

Via Geek Tyrant

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Koolz (3 years ago) Reply

I hope takes off and they get the right investors to make a full film or something for TV, it has a lot of promise!


Beppe (3 years ago) Reply

Great potential!


RannXeroxx (3 years ago) Reply

Please! Just how are the "humans" destroying the Earth? Even if we dumped 10X the CO2 in the air that we already have we would just be greening the planet like it was millions of years ago. Ocean pollution is a problem but nothing we are doing today would "destroy" it, only cause extinction for a number of sensitive species.

I like my Sci-Fi to be hard on science, this is just so full of fluff its unbearable. Now what if there was a disease that was airborne and killed off 99.99% of humans, could even be human produced, and those "robots" in this short film where actually people who's memories were uplifted to save them, kinda a forced singularity. That would be a much better plot. But humans destroy the Earth? BS and boring.

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