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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.15.14] horror thriller

The Atticus Institute is the directorial debut of Chris Sparling, who burst onto the scene as the writer of the amazing Buried and the super fun ATM. For this film, he's teamed up with producer Peter Safran who brought us James Wan's The Conjuring to bring us another period set possession shocker that takes place in the 1970s.

Quiet Earth have scored the first exclusive images from the film and we must say the film ranks highly on our list of anticipated films in 2015.

In the fall of 1976, a small psychology lab in Pennsylvania became the unwitting home to the only government-confirmed case of possession. The U.S. military assumed control of the lab under orders of national security and, soon after, implemented measures aimed at weaponizing the entity. The details of the inexplicable events that occurred are being made public after remaining classified for nearly forty years.

The Atticus Institute will be available on Blu-ray and DVD form Anchor Bay Films on January 20, 2015.

It stars Rya Khilstedt (“Dexter”), William Mapother (“Lost”, The Grudge), Harry Groener (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer”), John Rubenstein (“Angel”) and Sharon Maughn (The Bank Job) and was executive produced by Dan Clifton.

Can't wait to see a trailer for this one!

Recommended Release: Atticus Institute

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Votre (7 years ago) Reply

Oh yeah! Looks to be even better than the Banshee Chapter.

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