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quietearth [Celluloid 12.22.14] post apocalyptic scifi action thriller adventure

In the wake of the success of films like The Road Warrior, the eighties saw countless desert-set post-apocalyptic knock-offs of varying degrees of quality (many of them covered here of the years). Exterminators Of The Year 3000 is likely a guilty pleasure of most QE readers, so we thought we share the news that Scream Factory are releasing a Blu-ray of Giuliano Carnimeo's 1983 italian adventure film.

The blu-ray, which sees release March 3 of next year is available for pre-order now.

In a post-apocalyptic future where the earth is a desert and water is the most precious substance of all, a band of survivors must turn to a mysterious stranger to battle a ruthless gang of motorcycle psychos for control of the wasteland and the water. A glorious crash of guns, nuclear fallout, and synthesizers make this a must-see for anyone who’s been longing for the day in which they can finally get beyond Thunderdome.

Recommended Release: A Boy And His Dog (Blu-ray Collector's Edition)

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billy (6 years ago) Reply

The dvd release was crap quality. Will this be better?

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