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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.17.14] scifi horror thriller

It's impossible not to think of Primer when watching the first trailer for Tyler Graham Pavey's feature debut, The Phoenix Project. Forget that it's about guys in a garage building amazing new technology; even just the way it's shot and the colour grading is so obvioulsy inspired by Shane Carruth's time travel classic that it inspired hope that it will live up to that film. No pressure, guys!

The films was also written by Tyler Graham Pavey and produced by Ironwood Gang Productions which is his own company, so even in producing the film, Tyler seems to be following in the footsteps of Carruth.

Four scientists craft a machine to reanimate deceased organisms.

The film also stars Corey Rieger, Andrew Simpson, David Pesta.

Here's the trailer.

Recommended Release: Primer

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Missphitts (7 years ago) Reply

Good lord is that a shot for shot remake? Seems a little past just being inspired by Primer...


Lenny (7 years ago) Reply

Streaming on Netflix now. Tried to watch, was sooooooo boring I skipped around, found more of the same talking heads and gave up. Ah well...

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