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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.02.14] United Kingdom drama

It should come as no surprise for anyone familiar with Ray Robinson's novel "Electricity" that a film adaptation would likely not be a straight forward affair and from the look of director Bryn Higgins and screen writer Joe Fisher's take, Electricity is far from conventional.

Relative newcomer Agyness Deyn stars as Lily O'Connor, a woman suffering from epilepsy who has been dealing with the hardships of her life on her own terms for a very long time but when her mother suddenly dies and she's reunited with her brother, she finds her routine turned upside down when she embarks on a search for her second brother.

It doesn't sound like much but the book is rather impressive and it looks like Higgins has managed to capture some of oddity of how Robinson explores living with epilepsy and beautifully transferred it to a visual form. Reviews from the film's premiere at BFI London have been impressive – heck, even artist Damien Hirst got in on the action – and UK audiences will be able to check it out for themselves when the movie opens December 12. Hopefully a North American release will following the new year.

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beppe (7 years ago) Reply

The depiction of aura(strange smells, incomplete vision, visual distortions) are almost perfect.
I can tell it because I have epilepsy too.
I hope this movie will help to understand what epileptic people feel.

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