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Eadweard James Muybridge was kind of a big deal in the world of early movies. A bookseller-turned-photographer, Muybridge became world famous for his photographs of Yosemite Valley, for his pioneering work in stop motion photography and for developing a device for projecting motion pictures. Essentially, he was a forefather of the motion picture.

Actor turned director Kyle Rideout makes his feature film debut with Eadweard, a biopic on Muybridge which stars Michael Eklund, sporting some crazy facial hair, as the titular photographer. Eklund is best known for playing eccentrics and that seems to carry through to Eadweard who, in this movie at least, is made out as a bit of a power hungry control freak.

Along with Eklund, the movie also stars Sarah Canning as Eadweard's wife, Charlie Carrick as his wife's lover, Torrance Coombs (currently seen on "Reign") and the always fantastic Christopher Heyerdahl (of "Hell on Wheels" fame).

The first trailer for Eadweard suggests this biopic will traverse the dark side Eadweard, the man who photographed nude and deformed subjects, shot and killed his wife's lover and "was the last American to receive the justifiable homicide verdict."

No release information yet but stay tuned for more details on the project.

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