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The world premiere of writer/director Gavin Michael Booth's new horror feature The Scarehouse was held back in October of 2014 in Windsor, Ontario, and since then the film has been released wide to some acclaim. The film won “Best Feature” at the New York City Horror Film Festival and indie horror fans have been raving on social media sites.

But while they know a thing or two about scaring folks, the makers of The Scarehouse also know how to have fun.

Just prior to the premier event, Booth pranked his cast by having their limo detour to Scarehouse Windsor, an actual haunted house attraction, which is showcased in the film. The cast were not allowed to attend the world premiere until each one was put through a hair-raising time as they screamed their way through the haunted hallways.

The director recorded the cast’s terror for horror fans and you can enjoy their reaction here:

The Scarehouse has since debuted this past Tuesday, January 13th in the U.S. and Canada through Video-On-Demand (all major providers), iTunes and other digital outlets such as Sony Playstation, Microsoft X Box and many more.

In the film, Corey (Sarah Booth) and Elaina (Kimberly-Sue Murray) have set up an elaborate haunted house attraction. They lure their former sorority sisters into The Scarehouse. Once there, these despicable women will receive some of their own malicious medicine. Revenge truly is a bitch.

Here's the trailer:

Visit The Scarehouse official website for more

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chaybee (3 years ago) Reply

I saw it on VOD this weekend. Nothing special.

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