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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.06.15] action thriller

A number of years ago, before "The Walking Dead" was a huge thing and zombies were just coming to the forefront of popular culture, the Ford Brothers released a movie that brought something new to a, then already tired, genre. The Dead (review) was a success which the directors followed up with a sequel and now Howard Ford is stepping out with his own project Never Let Go.

Starring Angela Dixon, it's the story of a single mother who takes the law into her own hands when her child is kidnapped. It looks and sounds a little like a mix between Taken and one of the Bourne movies, complete with exotic setting and the suggestion of political intrigue, and that's perfectly great, especially if Ford can deliver on the action. It's also great to see that Ford has chosen to have a woman take the role which most other filmmakers would automatically assign to a male lead.

Never Let Go will screen at Cannes Market in May.

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RoyB (3 years ago) Reply

What if this was a prequel to Taken and the baby was Liam Neeson?


Keith (3 years ago) Reply

@RoyB Lol that sounds completely plausible... except for this move takes place in modern times and Liam is like 100 years old.

Still... this reminds me heavily of Taken... a mother who is some sort of secret service / body guard / assassin is running around India, or some other sand hole, destroying the place to find her kidnapped child with some outside help from secret government friends... yea I've seen this before (Taken) but still want to see it!

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