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Marina Antunes [Bunker Blueprint 03.03.15] zombies horror

I've never seen Umberto Lenzi's Nightmare City but now that I've seen the trailer, I'm convinced this is the greatest thing I've never seen. Or I could just wait for Tom Savini to finish his version…

Yes, it's true, the King of Splatter and Gore Mr. Tom Savini is planning to update and remake Nightmare City and if the original already looked gory and oozing great effects, Savini's version will only be more visceral. Lenzi is blessing this remake which will be shot by one of my favourite people, Mr. Dean Cundey who early on in his career cut his teeth on a slew of low budget horror movies including a number of John Carpenter projects.

From the looks of the Indie Gogo campaign, the new version will unfold amid the ebola outbreak and though we don't have any idea what this new version will look like yet, one can only assume it will be gleefully brutal.

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Recommended Release: Nightmare City

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bloodstreamcity (6 years ago) Reply

The original is pretty terrible. It's on Netflix streaming if you want to see for yourself.


Lotus Eater (6 years ago) Reply

damn, i wish i knew the name of the artist & song being played during the promotion trailer. That is tight. If anyone knows please consider posting the information as I would appreciate it, thanks. Have a groovy day.


Monstaworx (6 years ago) Reply

@ Lotus Eater: It's a track from Alex Cuervo, who will score the remake. Espectrostatic - The Haunted Doll Factory

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