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quietearth [Celluloid 04.29.15] post apocalyptic action

Let's face it, the cars are as much characters in Mad Max as the actual characters are. Hacked and reformed into something else entirely, these badass cars are perfect for traversing the desert wasteland.

Below you'll find a breakdown of most of the cars you'll see on the big screen come May 15.

Gear heads rejoice!

Recommended Release: Mad Max Trilogy

Via: Car and Driver

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wa5 (3 years ago) Reply

The Perrenti was early 80s not 70s, and sat on a Holden 1 tonner chassis, the commercial version of the pursuit special Monaro the Toe Cutter stole in MM1. The Charger was based on the VH Valiant which was a wider version of the VE-F-G Valiant (basically a 68 Dodge Dart). The Plymouth Rock would appear to be based upon a spiky VW Beetle in another Australian movie "The Cars that ate Paris".

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