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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.07.15] horror thriller

You might think that from the title The Harvest, you might think you know what John McNaughton's new movie is about but chances are, you're not quite right. Or maybe you are and the trailer is just deceiving.

Michael Shannon and Samantha Morton, two powerhouse actors, star as the parents of a sickly boy who spends most of his time at home under the watchful eye of his mother. And then a new neighbour moves in next door and their daughter starts to visit the sickly son causing all sorts of havoc on the family and unearthing secrets that suggest the little boy isn't quite as sick as he's made out to be and Morton's mother figure is more of a monster than a great mom.

I got vibes of a horror version of "The Secret Garden." Sorry to put that into your head but that's just where my mind went to with the trailer which even has the sickly kid in a wheelchair being pushed around at high speeds by a precocious girl. That said, this looks like a great thriller from McNaughton (of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Wild Things fame) with Morton and Shannon chewing scenery every-which-way. The fact that the movie was completed a few years ago does give me a bit of pause but god knows that sometimes movies get lost in the shuffle. Hopefully it doesn't speak to the quality of the movie.

The Harvest is available on VOD April 10. It opens theatrically in NY on April 10 and in LA on April 24.

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