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quietearth [Celluloid 04.01.15] scifi

While I was in the camp of people who respected the ambition of Interstellar and felt that 'we just don't see movies like this anymore', I had some big issues with how the film's plot often got from point A to point B.

I also was thrown by some of the script changes made after Christopher Nolan came on board.

In short, I found this latest Honest Trailer pretty funny.

If you don't like these kinds of nit-picky videos stay away!

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Charles Widmore (5 years ago) Reply

I'm sorry, but this movie was worse than Prometheus. But let's not go there. Instead, let's talk character like the Honest trailer. The daughter was a dick, the female lead scientist/astronaut was a dick, the NASA project lead doing the math was a dick, and the man who inspired eleven others to go on a one way suicide mission to save the human race was dick. And the worst was the female lead scientist/astronaut as played by Anne Hathaway. How did no one complain about this poor representation of women in film? And why, like Prometheus, are all the scientific professionals portrayed as either blithering emotional idiots or homicidal sociopaths?


robin (5 years ago) Reply

I gave this sad film one star because I was feeling generous that day. Charles above pretty much summed it up, but forgot to mention all of the terrible science and "love will conquer all the dimensions" idiocy.


chris (5 years ago) Reply

To be fair it's actually a religious film from end to end and, also to be fair, spending time around brilliant driven people is exhausting but it doesn't make them dicks.


michael (5 years ago) Reply

Dead on.


Wumpus (5 years ago) Reply

Interstellar had serious problems, but I'm glad I watched it. We got beautiful depictions of the manned discovery of intriguing alien planets and a "plausible" wormhole... and I value these things.


roadkill (5 years ago) Reply

As bad as Prometheus? Seriously? Theres too much trash banded about hollywood, dressed up as intelectual thought provokers which are nothing more than overblown trash. This wasn't one of them and instead gave you some fresh and original which was as technically accurate as you could probably get.

I very much disagree with your statement but more importantly you seem to have a bit of an obsession with dicks?

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