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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.30.15] scifi horror cult thriller

The remake of Vincenzo Natali's CUBE is moving along quickly now at Lionsgate. Director Saman Kesh,who caught everyone's eye with his short film Controller (below) is now attached to direct the film called "Cubed," describes as "a re-imagining of the original movie."

Jon Spaihts, the original writer of Prometheus and the in-development scifi film Passengers (which I read and is awesome), is on board to produce.

The film is described as a sci-fi survival thriller about artificial intelligence, humanity and the birth of a new “digital” race. Interesting.

Phil Gawthorne is writing the script based off of Kesh’s original take.

Vincenzo Natali's original Canadian thriller is simply one of the best genre exercises and has inspired countless independent genre directors. It spawned two sequels that are less than stellar, so I'm glad to see some real muscle behind this remake.

Recommended Release: CUBE

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chuck (5 years ago) Reply

It's cool to see that they got Daft Punk to be in it!


chuck (5 years ago) Reply

also, what everyone else said- Cube is good as is.


Michael Allen (5 years ago) Reply

I am boycotting all remakes and sequels, coming out of Hollywood. Join me!


Digger (5 years ago) Reply

The original Cube movie doesn't need a remake, re-boot, re-imaging or any of that crap. It was (is) just fine as is.


beppe (5 years ago) Reply


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