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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.11.15] Italy drama

A few weeks back we had our first look at Paolo Sorrentino's new movie Youth which is making its debut at Cannes but the trailer, as magical as it was, it didn't give us much in the way of dialogue or story. Now a newly minted international trailer gives us a look at what we can really expect to see in Sorrentino's second English language movie.

Michael Caine stars as a as a retired orchestra conductor who is on holiday at a rejuvenating retreat where Harvey Keitel is also staying. The pair of men spend time taking in the pretty sights, imparting their wisdom on the young (including Paul Dano playing an artist type who is also staying at the resort) and dealing with their past – namely grown children who still hold a grudge against their parents (Rachel Weisz).

Aside from the fact that this new trailer is just as gorgeous as the first, it also prominently features Sorrentino's trademark use of music and themes which are clearly a direct extension of those he explored in The Great Beauty (review).

Look for Youth playing your local festival in the coming months.

Recommended Release: The Great Beauty

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