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quietearth [Celluloid 05.28.15] United Kingdom scifi thriller

Those of you who remember the excellent Rock Hudson flick Seconds will notice some striking similarities with this storyline. For the uninitiated, I'd highly recommend Seconds as it's about a man who gets a new face and a new identity. Brand New-U is directed by Simon Pummell who did the excellently weird biopic Shock Head Soul. Brand New-U premiers at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The film follows the 33-year-old Slater (Nieboer), who obsessively chases Nadia (Noone), the love of his life. When she suddenly disappears Slater wants to report her missing, but realizes he knows nothing about her. The only clue he has is Brand New-U, a strange organization that deals in new personalities. In an attempt to find Nadia, Slater makes a deal with the organization and takes on a new identity. But when the borders between his identities start to blur, Slater will have to confront himself.

Recommended Release: Seconds

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black and white (7 years ago) Reply

well this looks over produced and under funded.

should have gone for a more real world emotional take. Plastic surgery wasn't even sifi in the 60's why now?

Anyway Fincher remade this already as 'The Game'


maxine (7 years ago) Reply

@ black and white

You're an idiot THE GAME has nothing to do with SECONDS
Have you actually seen SECONDS

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