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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.12.15] horror thriller mystery

Kevin Durand is one of those actors you've seen but might not be able to place by name, mostly because he's usually the supporting player. The really great supporting bit player, the one you whose face you always remember. Of late Durand has been booking bigger gigs, including a more prominent role in "The Strain," but in Dark Was the Night, Durand is front and centre.

Jack Heller's second feature is a small town horror movie about a sheriff (Durand) and his deputy (Lukas Haas), both of whom are struggling with their personal demons, find themselves trying to protect their idyllic town from the monster that is inhabiting the nearby woods.

It's not clear if this is simply an a bear or other animal with anger issues or some supernatural creature (the poster suggests the latter) but Dark Was the Night looks like a gorgeous (the movie was shot by Jim Mickle's go-to cinematographer Ryan Samul) and promising thriller while Durand looks to be handling leading man duties in his usual kick ass fashion.

Dark Was the Night will open in select theatres July 24.

Recommended Release: The Strain Season 1

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Kornelia (6 years ago) Reply

I love Kevin Durand, this will be on my to watch list. Can't wait.

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