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[Craig DiLouie is the author of many post-apocalyptic and horror novels including Suffer the Children, Tooth and Nail and The Infection series]

I caught the powerful trailer for the new HBO series, THE LEFTOVERS, and waited until it became available on Google Play for my joyful binge watching.

Wow, the show delivers everything the trailer promises and then some. THE LEFTOVERS is about people living in a town three years after 2% of the world’s population simply disappeared.

The Rapture? Religion doesn’t have an answer, particularly since many of the departed weren’t good people, and there was no single preference in religious belief among those taken. Some bizarre event? Science doesn’t have an answer either.

Three years later, people are still living with loss, shock and a sense of despair resulting from being confronted with something this big that simply can’t be explained. For which there doesn’t seem to be any meaning.

THE LEFTOVERS centers on a family–a police chief who lives with his daughter, his teenage daughter, his wife who now lives with a cult created in response to the event, and his son who works for another cult out in the desert. These and other characters populate a world rife with anger, violence, despair and religious hysteria.

The show perfectly captures the post 9/11 zeitgeist, and I’m finding it deeply affecting. Great characters, dialog, tension, musical score. I’m very curious where it’s going to go.

I’m on episode 4 now, and it’s holding up, though I wonder if the show creators will be able to sustain the premise. The show was created by one of the co-creators of LOST, and we’re already starting to see strange signs that portend some deeper meaning. I just hope that, like LOST, it doesn’t all add up to us, the viewers, getting punked.

I’ll write more about the show as I plow through it. For now, I’m a happy camper.

Here’s the trailer for Season 1:

Here’s the trailer for Season 2, which airs this October.

Recommended Release: The Leftovers Season 1

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Winb (5 years ago) Reply

I liked the first season. But it started to get LOSTy with the mystery and no answers.
Trying to think back I can't even remember how the season ended...

I'm hoping they have a better idea of where they want to go with the story for season two. I like that they're moving location.


rek (5 years ago) Reply

The show is about the people left behind, not solving the mystery of where the missing people went.


Winb (5 years ago) Reply

Not talking about where the people went.

Crazy cult leaders with magic powers?, shady government agency's, the dogs and deers, the cops dad seeing people, and other stuff I'm sure I don't remember.


quietearth (5 years ago) Reply

I loved this, can't wait for season .


wa5 (5 years ago) Reply

Created by a Lost writer you say... I enjoyed Lost right up til they screwed me. so I wont be riding this mystery train, I'd be to worried about the destination.. fool me once, shame on you.. fool me twice.. shame on me.


donc48 (5 years ago) Reply

I have to agree. I saw this and had my misgivings, where do you go? There seem to be a lot of series SIFI thriller realm I'm wondering what's the pay off (Zoo comes to mind)


Votre (5 years ago) Reply

By a co-creator of LOST?

No thanks.

Scam me once? Shame on you! Do it twice? Shame on me.

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