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You want to see something which is both fantastic and completely terrible at the same time? You need look no further than the new trailer for Eli Roth's Knock Knock.

Since the first trailer premiered, Roth's luck seems to be on the upswing. Not only is the final season of "Hemlock Grove" almost ready to premiere, The Green Inferno is finally seeing the light of day in some theatrical fashion and right along with it, Roth's new thriller which stars Keanu Reeves as an architect home alone for the weekend who has an illicit affair with a pair of cute co-eds and then finds himself harassed by them.

The newly minted trailer features much of the same content as the first but for some reason, Reeves comes across even more clueless this time around. I like this concept of the girls being the ones wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting man, the table turn on the sexual dynamic is a welcome sight, but I'm not convinced that it's going to be any good.

I mean, I like Reeves and tend to give him the benefit of the doubt but even I must concede that this looks pretty terrible. At this point, mildly entertaining would suit me just fine.

Knock Knock opens October 9.

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