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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.28.15] Japan post apocalyptic animation

The Japan Animator Expo is currently in full swing and man, what a plethora of awesome for animation fans, providing everything from projects from up-and-coming creators to established artists. Today's short is of the later variety.

From writer/director Yasuhiro Yoshiura, whose 2013 Patema Inverted turned out to be a beautiful bit of animated sci-fi very reminiscent of Juan Solanas' Upside Down (only better), comes the rather hilarious Bureau of Proto Society.

Fast forward to the far flung future. Humanity has been relegated to living underground and from the looks of it, no one either remembers or knows how we got there. Every day, the Bureau of Proto Society reviews the historical archives trying to figure out exactly what went wrong.

Not only is Bureau of Proto Society beautiful, it's funny, a little visceral and ends perfectly. You can check out this little gem by clicking on the image below. Be sure you select the English subs and skip the intro to get right to the goodness.

The video is only available for a couple of weeks so be sure to watch it sooner rather than later. We'll update if it turns up elsewhere.

Recommended Release: Patema Inverted

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