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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.26.15] Turkey horror

If scary movies are your thing, you'd best prepare yourself because the trailer for Baskin suggests the year's scariest movie is coming soon.

Co-written and directed by Can Evrenol, Baskin is the story of five cops who are called as back-up to an abandoned building. Thing is, there was never a back-up call. They were summoned to the building which also happens to be a gateway to Hell and good god, does it ever look terrifying.

This is not Evrenol's first go at horror and he has a back catalogue of shorts which is down right scary. It's not even his first go at this story. Baskin is an expansion of his short film of the same name which made the festival rounds a couple of years ago.

Baskin will have its world premiere at TIFF on September 11.

Via Deadline

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