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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.04.15] Netherlands scifi action thriller

As it turns out, the YA adaptation craze has expanded well beyond Hollywood and all the way to Europe. At least that's the case with Boy 7.

Adapted from a YA novel by Mirjam Mous, the story follows Sam, a young man who wakes up on a train with no memory of who he is, where he is or how he got there. With only his backpack as a clue, he begins to piece together the mystery of his past and that past seems to include hacking, a detention centre and being turned into some sort of super soldier.

The story borrows heavily from a load of movies that preceded, everything from Memento to Hanna, but the trailer suggests a sleek, stylish and action packed thriller. Whether it manages to live up to or exceed its North American counterparts remains to be seen.

Boy 7 will have its North American premiere at TIFF later this month.

Recommended Release: Hanna

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