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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.04.15] Chile thriller drama

Over the course of a handful of films and largely under the radar, Chilean director Pablo Larraín has turned into a world class director. Around these parts, we've been following his career for some time. From Tony Manero, the tale of a serial killer obsessed with John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever) to No (review), the director's take on the 1987 Chilean election, Larraín continues to prove that he's not only one of the best, he's a director that never makes the same movie twice.

For his latest, Larraín returns to his dark roots with The Club. Set at a secluded beach town, it centers on a group of retired priests and nuns that have, essentially, been relegate this place as penance for their wrongdoings – everything from child molesting to baby snatching. Their quiet life is turned upside down when the Church sends a crisis counsellor to check in on them.

Sadly this trailer isn't in subtitled but it's pretty clear from the write up that The Club deals with some dark subject matter and the trailer only further suggests that things are about to get ugly for the men and women who are essentially hiding out the rest of their lives in relative peace and quiet. There's an unsettling mood throughout the trailer that comes through regardless of language.

The Club is currently making the festival rounds.

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