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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.04.15] Canada horror thriller

It's been a while in coming but it's finally arrived. Our first look at writer/director John Ainslie's feature film debut The Sublet and it's definitely something to get excited about.

Ainslie is best known around these parts as the screenwriter of the wonderfully awesome Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (review) and though he's worked on a couple of other projects in the years since that wonderful bit of horror, I've anxiously been anticipating The Sublet since it was first announced. The movie stars Tianna Nori (seen earlier this year in the excellent The Demolisher (review) and Mark Matechuk as a husband and wife with a new baby who sublet an apartment that seems to be haunted.

Admittedly this is a familiar trope but Ainslie has a great knack for storytelling not to mention an actress who is proving to be a great new Canadian talent plus this trailer? It looks pretty solid and suggests the movie is more psychological than straight up haunted house/jump scare horror which tends to be more effective.

The Sublet will have its North American Premiere at the Whistler Film Festival in December.

Recommended Release: Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

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