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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.15.15] horror

We recently saw a new batch of stills for the upcoming Martyrs remake and with the movie due for release early next year, it was only a matter of time before a trailer was finaly released.

We've been cautiously optimistic about the movie. Sure, it's a remake of a horror classic but it's not without its merits going in; namely, the new version is written by Mark L. Smith (best known for Vacancy and The Hole, two solid horror movies not to mention co-writing The Revenant (review)) and directed by Kevin and Michael Goetz (of Scenic Route fame). The images so far haven't given us much to go on but the trailer offers a little more and I must say, I'm not impressed.

Not only does this look like a ultra low-budget affair, I don't see anything in the trailer that suggests this will bring anything new to the table, either dramatically or thematically. So what's a the point? A remake so that we don't have to read subtitles? That's lazy and unnecessary.

Martyrs be available on Digital HD and limited theatrical release January 22nd followed by VOD release on February 2nd.

Recommended Release: Martyrs

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