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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.21.16] horror

I have not been a champion of the Martyrs remake. I just didn't see the point of remaking a great movie for the simple sake of making it more palpable for American audiences and the trailer didn't change my mind but when the opportunity arose to chat with the directors of the re-make, I jumped at the chance.

I would likely have skipped the entire affair if I didn't already know and like the work of Kevin and Michael Goetz. Their first feature film Scenic Route (trailer) was a really well made indie thriller that showcased the directors' ability to tell a great story with limited budget and confining boundaries and I needed to see for myself how their version of Martyrs panned out.

I'm happy to report that the reamke is actually pretty good. The Goetz Brothers bring their considerable talents to the movie and though it's going to be difficult, if not all together impossible, for fans of the original to look at this remake with clear eyes, the truth is that it's a solid outing for the directors. The performances from Troian Bellisario and Caitlin Carmichael are good and the movie, though it keeps the themes of the original, tones down the ultra-gore to a level that is more palpable for a general audience.

I started my chat with the Goetz Brothers with a trip down memory lane to Scenic Route before delving into Martyrs and the big question: why would two smart and talented filmmakers take on such a polarizing remake?

Martyrs opens in theatres and is available in digital HD on January 22nd with VOD to follow on February 2nd.

Recommended Release: Scenic Route

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WasteOfTime (5 years ago) Reply

Waste of time and effort, budget should have been spent on an original film.

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