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André Turpin isn't exactly a household name though you've likely seen some of his work; he is a celebrated cinematographer who has worked regularly with Denis Villeneuve (Maelstrom and Incendies) and most recently with Xavier Dolan (Tom at the Farm and Mommy).

Though best known for his work as a DP, Turpin has made a number of films in the past though it's been well over a decade since he made a feature film and if the first trailer for Endorphine is anything to go by, the wait has been well worth it.

Also co-written by Turpin, the movie brings together the apparently unrelated lives of three women named Simone. Here's the official synopsis from the movie's world premiere at TIFF last year:

Twelve-year-old Simone (Sophie Nélisse) feels painfully disconnected from the world after witnessing the brutal death of her mother. Simone (Mylène Mackay), a solitary multimedia artist in her twenties, is struggling to control her crushing panic attacks and keep her day job in an underground parking lot. And Simone (Lise Roy), a sixty-year-old physicist, is giving a conference on the nature of time. The three Simones' lives are intertwined in a labyrinthine meta-world where timeframes overlap, characters multiply, and storylines repeat and expand. But, for all its shuttling forward and back through time, Endorphine remains grounded in the Simones' inner lives — it's an artistic examination of scientific phenomena that also poignantly explores how people deal with trauma.

The trailer only hints at a fraction of this story but two things are clear: the movie sounds really fascinating and the trailer is gorgeous. Surprisingly, Turpin did not shoot his own film and instead brought Josée Deshaies on board for DP duties. She's ridiculously talented in her own right; look no further than her work with Bertrand Bonello (I highly recommend House of Tolerance).

Endorphine plays the International Film Festival Rotterdam later this month.

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I love French nonsense.


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