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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.21.16] United Kingdom post apocalyptic thriller drama

Thought it didn't please many of the fans of the source material, Craig Zobel's adaptation of Z for Zacharia was a chamber drama exploration of three people trying to survive in the early days of the post-apocalypse. Though the men who wonder into Ann's home are destitute, there's a sense that they haven't reached rock bottom yet. Stephen Fingleton's The Survivalist is on the other end of the spectrum, more The Road than Z for Zacharia.

Fingleton's feature film debut has already garnered a lot of attention thanks to a number of festival appearances but while it's getting ready for release in Europe, the movie is still lacking a US distributor and I can't quite figure out why IFC, A24 or Magnolia haven't jumped on this bandwagon.

The Survivalist stars Martin McCann as the titular character, a nameless man who has been living off a small plot of land which he has managed to keep to himself thanks to it being hidden deep in the forest. And then two women stumble into his world and offer an exchange which puts his survival at risk.

I love small survival tales but what I love most about this trailer, aside from the fact that the movie looks gorgeous, is that the characters all feel like they've been beaten down by this world where food is scarce. This typically leads to characters being pushed into questionable situations and moral dilemmas which are fascinating to watch unfold.

The Survivalist opens in theatres and is available on VOD in the UK on February 12.

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