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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.21.16] thriller mystery

I must admit, the title Backgammon did little to peek my interest in Mexican director Francisco Orvañanos' feature film debut but something about the synopsis, which describes the movie as "Part psychological sexual thriller and part classic mystery," definitely caught my attention.

The story unfolds in an isolated mansion where four college friends are spending a weekend getaway. Andrew invites Lucian and his girlfriend Miranda for a visit but unexpectedly, Andrew's sister also arrives, towing her "Baudelaire-obsessed boyfriend" Gerald. Their unexpected arrival leads to a few of the guests leaving while the ones left behind become involved in a game of romantic entanglements that could end badly.

Backgammon sounds interesting enough, well made sexual thrillers seem to have gone out of fashion (sadly), but what really sold me on the movie is the cinematography on display in this trailer which seems to elevate the overall project from c-movie doldrums (I mean, two of the leads are soap stars) and into some seriously must see territory.

Backgammon will open theatrically and be available on VOD March 11.

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Wumpus (3 years ago) Reply

I think you meant "pique".

This does sound interesting, and it's going on my list. Thanks!


Wumpus (3 years ago) Reply

I watched this last night.

The plot is rather slight and there are really only two characters that matter, so everything depends on how interesting they are and whether their interactions are compelling (and believeable). Well, it's... a mixed bag. Miranda (Brittany Allen) is interesting, but it becomes clear fairly quickly that she isn't just quirky and playful - she's mentally ill. Lucian (Noah Silver) is a college student who has lost focus and ambition, and comes across as nice but a bit dull. The story has a mystery element, but IMO the bigger mystery is why Lucian hangs around so long. The dialog is often stagey, which is distracting.

It's a C, really, but I'll give it a C+ because I like the setting and Brittany Allen was compelling as a bipolar person in a manic phase.

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