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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.16.16] horror comedy

Writer/director Richard Bates Jr. emerged on the horror scene a few years ago with the release of his full length feature Excision (review) which he followed up with last year's wide release of Suburban Gothic. I haven't totally loved either of his films but they've both shown sharp wit and a vague promise that Bates Jr. would stick the landing and deliver a movie that completely worked for me. Trash Fire might just be that movie.

The Sundance midnighter stars small-screen star Adrian Grenier as Owen, a guy who returns home with his pregnant girlfriend and finds himself dealing with the family dysfunction which has haunted him his entire life.

Along with Grenier, the movie also stars Angela Trimbur as his girlfriend Isabel, Sibyl Gregory as his sister Chloe and the great Fionnula Flanagan as the matriarch of the family: grandmother Violet.

In the first clip from the movie, Flanagan fully displays just why she's so excellently cast here – she embodies the villainous grandmother which goes against all of the sweet impressions one gets from looking at her. Not to mention the clip really sells the family dysfunction.

Trash Fire is currently playing the festival circuit including an upcoming screening at the Boston Underground Film Festival.

Recommended Release: Excision

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