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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.15.16] Germany horror

The last few years has seen a rise in horror movies which unfold largely via social media. Last year's Unfriended was one of the better offerings and hot on the heels of its success comes Friend Request.

Generally, we wouldn't pay much attention to a formulaic sounding horror movie that treads territory which was well covered less than a year ago but Friend Request has a few too many points of interest going for it to be simply written off.

For starters, it's directed by Simon Verhoeven, son of long-time director of many a fan favourite Paul Verhoeven. Sure it's just a name but there is always a chance that some of dad's talent rubbed off on junior. Beyond that there is also Alycia Debnam-Carey.

The up-and-coming star of "Fear the Walking Dead" and "The 100" has been making waves on the small screen and it's great to see her making the transition to film. I would certainly have preferred to see her in something with a little more range but I'm hoping her performance is a sign that this is better than average.

Sadly it may be a while until we're able to see for ourselves if Friend Request is more than just a generic horror movie. Though it has already opened in Germany and is scheduled for release in the UK on April 22, it doesn't have a US distributor.

Recommended Release: Unfriended

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Dr. Lorre (6 years ago) Reply

Excuse me, but Simon Verhoven is the son of Michael Verhoeven. This man is a mediocre Tv-director in Germany. His mother is Senta Berger.

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