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Larry Cohen's 1985 creature feature The Stuff isn't a great film, but it's a deliciously satirical confection that will make you smile nonetheless. And if you're a retro junkie like me, Arrow Video has presented the film in a way that will satisfy your deepest craving.

At it's best, The Stuff is a satire of advertising and the post-war "product-izing" of any old *stuff* that got invented. Hey, we have this chemical we invented for warfare but, now that war is over, what can we do with it? I know, let's package it as pesticide and sell it to farmers. Genius!

In the film, a strange substance is discovered bubbling from the ground. Its flavour is addictive and it quickly becomes a national sensation in the food market. From there, the film follows a number of story-lines which converge in the third act.

Michael Moriarty hams it up as an ex-FBI agent hired infiltrate the The Stuff's parent company in order to discover its secret ingredients. Along for the ride is the PR rep responsible for the Stuff's "brilliant" marketing campaign.

Another story line concerns a kid whose borderline abusive family doesn't believe his paranoia about The Stuff and he has to avoid being assimilated by them. This storyline is like E.T. meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers and is primo 80's.

Cohen is clearly riffing on the vibe of B-movies from the 50's (read: The Blob, Invasion of the Body Snatchers et all) and this movie barely transcends that. However, for viewers who want to, there is enough of a satirical edge to The Stuff exploring consumerism to make it more than a straight forward creature feature cheapie.

Blu-ray bonus features include:
- Can’t Get Enough of The Stuff: Making Larry Cohen’s Classic Creature Feature (52:10, HD)

- Trailers from Hell with Darren Bausman (1:50, HD) – The director of Saw II - IV lavishes The Stuff with praise over video from its trailer in an episode from the ongoing web series.

- Original Trailer

Recommended Release: The Stuff

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zombieja (4 years ago) Reply

Crazy. Literally two days ago I was telling a couple of my friends about this movie. Thirty years later and that jingle is still in my head. Primo B movie offering!

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