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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.28.16] scifi thriller drama

A man on a one way mission to Mars runs into trouble along the way. Instead of following protocol, he decides to take the mission into his own hands after all, when you're likely to die, why not do what you want to?

That's the basic premise of Mark Elijah Rosenberg's feature film debut. It's a familiar tale of mental breakdown in space but Approaching the Unknown has something, or rather someone, on it's side that most other movies don't: the great Mark Strong.

Along with Strong who plays the Captain William D. Stanaforth, the sole astronaut on the mission, the movie also stars Owen Wilson as his mission control contact. There's a bit more information floating around online but considering what's included in the trailer, most of it could be considered spoilers and frankly, I wish I hadn't seen them so I suggest just sticking to the trailer – even avoid IMDb.

Approaching the Unknown is scheduled for release on June 3.

Recommended Release: The Martian

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quietearth (6 years ago) Reply

That looks fucking awesome!


Stress (6 years ago) Reply

Now this is my kind of movie!


Wumpus (6 years ago) Reply

The last time Mark Strong was in space we got a terrific movie. Fingers crossed!


Genius (6 years ago) Reply

Wow looks good and I like the 8Dio Bram sounds from on of there sample libs.
Funny all these movies about Mars.
Everything NASA Has ever said about Mars is a lie. Mars is more like planet?
It doesn't even look red, if you look at Mars with very high powered Telescope it's yellowish with a blue Atmosphere.
But hey it's NASA and HollyWood!


Mark (6 years ago) Reply

Mars is just a red light in the sky. No one is going there.

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