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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.21.16] Russia scifi action thriller adventure

Fedor Bondarchuk, director of the two-part epic science fiction saga, Inhabited Island (still not available domestically), and 9th Company, is back with another epic science fiction actioner called Attraction (Притяжение).

Attraction seems to be about some kind of large scale alien invasion and a portion of the population who are drawn to them? Unclear, but we'll keep on researchin' until we learn more.

Right now the theatrical release is set for Russia on January of 2017.


Recommended Release: 9th Company

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Lenny (4 years ago) Reply

Hilarious, I'm still wanting to see Inhabited Island...Is it good? Anyone see it?


firejoe (4 years ago) Reply

No...sorry, not so good.


John V. Karavitis (4 years ago) Reply

Wow. Movies like this make me wish I had stuck with my Russian language studies.

John V. Karavitis


Epsilon (4 years ago) Reply

There are tons of great Russian language movies. But I honestly do not expect much from this one.

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